Services Provided

Safety Security Consultants (SSC) Unique 8 step Process Includes: 

A Safety and Security Walk through
6 Point Building Risk Assessment
Detailed Scope of Work and Cost Analysis
Safe Room Identification
Law Enforcement Notification
Active Threat Scenario Training (ATST)
Safe Room Shepherd/Leader Training
Observe Practice Drills

Given today’s violence at our workplace, schools, churches, and public venues across the country, incident response planning is essential for every organization nationwide.


Public Safety

Recommended Participants:

Property Manager’s, CEO’s, Mental Health Institutions, Hospitals, Corporate Security Professionals, Risk Professionals from the Private and Public sector, Local, County, and State Government Facilities, Private, Public, Charter, and Magnet Schools and Universities

Suggested Number of Participants:

Training’s are only limited by the accommodations provided by the host training site. All consulting fees are based on the services provided and the number of participants.

ATST Course Outline: 

ATST is a 3 hour informational training  NOT A TACTICAL TRAINING COURSE.

Brief Program Description:

ATST is an educational program that teaches individuals and organizations how to properly respond to an Active Threat Scenario or Active Shooter situation. This training is an interactive program encouraging individuals to engage with the instructors. The SSC curriculum is adapted from the teachings of LT. Colonel Dave Grossman U.S. Army (Ret.), U.S. Homeland Security Department, University of Central Florida, and Pittsburgh Bureau of Police SWAT Team recommendations. The information presented acts as a guide for the participants who may find themselves involuntarily in an Active Threat or Active Shooter Situation.

Program Outcomes:

ATST will present individuals with information and tools designed to assist staff in making critical decisions. ATST develops an appropriate plan of action organization specific and teaches employees how to effectively and efficiently communicate and respond when Law Enforcement arrives to a critical incident. ATST strives to teach employees how to mitigate losses and limit targets of opportunity during an actual event.

Program Goals and Objectives:

  1. Understanding the mentality of the Active Shooter
  2. Learn current national statistics
  3. Importance of implementing and practicing drills as a standard process
  4. Understand and learn how to conduct the lockdown processes
  5. Learn how to mitigate losses and limit targets of opportunity
  6. Learn the purpose of and how use the SSC lockdown kits
  7. What to report when calling 911
  8. Learn how to choose Safe Room Shepherds
  9. Understand the mission of law enforcement
  10. Understand administration responsibilities
  11. Understand the debriefing process after a Criticial Incident

Reserve a Training or Service here for your organization. A one time $1,500 fee is required to be added to our calendar. That fee will be applied to any services provided. 

Participating Organizations: 

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, The Duquesne Club, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Torrance State Hospital, Pittsburgh Mercy Health System, Beaver County Intermediate and Youth Services, Lawrence County Community Action Partnership, Washington County Children and Youth, Fayette County DUI Services, Carlow College, Holy Family Institute, Allegheny Psychiatric Services, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, and the Fifth Judicial District of Allegheny County.

 Training Resources:

Public Violence : Active Shooter Training held at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in April, 2012. Presented by Lt. Col Dave Grossman, U.S. Army (Ret.) Col. Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor, Professor of Military Science, and an Army Ranger.  Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker who is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.

Safety In The Community Training 

Providing community-based employees with safe skills will help them identify, prevent, and respond to safety concerns that may arise . Risk factors, safety tips, and the importance of debriefing all staff after an incident are also covered in this training.

Safety and Security Building Assessments

A highly qualified SSC Consultant will come to your organization and conduct a detailed 8-point building assessment that will include, but is not limited to your organization’s:

  • Parking lots
  • External doors
  • Surveillance capabilities
  • Fire escapes and exits
  • Internal and external lock down procedures
  • Safety and security on all doors and units
  • designated for assessment
  • Establish and identify safe rooms
  • Inform the local police department of all safety and security measures that have been implemented.

Contact information:

Terrence Brown
Owner and Founder Safety & Security Consultants LLC